Insect Fungi Genome Database

Fungal genomics is becoming one of the focal interests within the Chinese mycological community and advances in genomics will, no doubt, accelerate the pace of mycological research in China. Simultaneously, the challenge will be how to capture the full potential of genomics by maximizing and prioritizing the resources within the Chinese mycological community. The 2009 China Fungal Genome Initiative Symposium in Shanghai examined the status of China’s fungal genome research and, for the first time, focused attention in the extent, range and quality of fungal genomics in China. This whitepaper is the result. Following this whitepaper, a series of recommendations and actions will be put in motion within the coming months and years to coordinate the various genome projects, ranging from selection of fungi for sequencing, to the development of a bioinformatics infrastructure, and accompanying research ideas, funding and commercialization.

Current IFGD Genome Projects

Organism Status GeneBank TaxID
Cordyceps Sinensis Finish
Beauveria Bassiana In Progress 655819
Metarhizium Anisopliae Finish ADNJ00000000 655844
Metarhizium Acridum Finish ADNI00000000 655827

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