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ASeeDB (alternative splicing exon evolution database) is a database designed to provide access to analyze alternative splicing of multiple species genes, exon evolution, exon expression, repeat sequence and other gene function information. So far, we focus on the cancer related gene. Using pipelines in ASeeDB, we have summarized the function and expression information, together with their evolution features, such as evolutionary conservation and selective pressure. Cross species sequence alignments are able to find unannotated exons and dysfunctional remains of exons. Protein domain predictions point out known putative functional regions in genes. Comparing to averaged gene-level Ka/Ks values, Exon-level Ka/Ks values are more sensitive tofind adaptive evolution events, which indicate unknown functional regions in genes. Using ASeeDB, we are able to systematically identify AS exons with interesting evolutionary features. And we believe ASeeDB would facilitate research on the alternative splicing of cancer related genes.

ASeeDB Statistics
Transcript (human)15,196
Exons (human)159,208
  • Update in 2013.6.1
  • Data source: Ensembl68 and NCBI 2012.10
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